Art Rental & Subscription Schemes

Our Art Rental & Subscription schemes offer an inexpensive way of experimenting with different styles of work, allowing clients to gauge the impact of a new artistic style without the commitment to buy.

At Art Contact we have an extensive range of artwork available to rent, to lease or for inclusion on a subscription scheme. Whatever your budget, we can help you to source the appropriate art for a specified location.

Our short-term rental collection is suitable for a range of settings – film sets, functions, to dress vacant property or for a specific event.

Many clients are attracted to the flexibility of our long-term art rental & subscription schemes which are tax-effective and reduce pressure on cash flow. Flexible terms are available and art may be purchased later with a proportion of rent returned.

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  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-CosmicSignals-DAVA

    Client Rental – ‘Cosmic Signals No 1’ by DAVA

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Development-Square-FROS

    Client Rental – ‘Development of a Square – Blue’ by FROS

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-FirForest-MYLE

    Client Rental – ‘Fir Forrest’ by MYLE

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Floating-WILI

    Client Rental – ‘Floating’ by WILI

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-GoldenMeltdownI-HART

    Client Rental – ‘Golden Meltdown I’ by HART

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-ClientRental

    Client Rental – Framed pictures by GODW & CANN

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Jive-CREW

    Client Rental – ‘Jive’ by CREW

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Lent-KONI

    Client Rental – ‘Lent’ by KONI

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-MontradeI-IRVI

    Client Rental – ‘Montrada I by IRVI

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-NewWorld-FISH

    Client Rental – ‘New World’ by FISH

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-OldTownRed-GODW

    Client Rental – ‘Old Town Red’ by GODW

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Recollections4-MAGU

    Client Rental – ‘Recollections 4’ by MAGU

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Trees-KALI

    Client Rental – ‘Trees’ by KALI – image printed onto Perpex

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-CuevaNegra-DAVA

    Client Rental – ‘Cueva Negra’ DAVA

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-CapstanStudy12-GODW

    Client Rental – ‘Capstan Study 12’ by GODW

Rental can either be for a very short period or long term depending on your requirement. It can be a very useful vehicle to reduce the initial investment. We have a very wide selection of art available for rental and the cost is dependent on the original cost of the artwork and the duration of the rental.
Leasing is another tax efficient way to purchase art and is also a useful tool to defray your initial investment in art. By this method we can arrange for a 3rd party to purchases your art and you then pay a monthly fee for the use of the artwork. At the end of the primary lease period, depending on how it has been set up, a small peppercorn rent can continue to be paid to retain the artwork or the artworks can be purchased for a small final settlement fee.
Our Art Subscription Scheme has been set up to enable the supply of a variety of  artworks on very flexible terms. This is particularly useful as it usually allows for artworks to be changed during the period that the scheme is in operation.

The way that this works is that we would usually visit you to asses your requirements. From this meeting we would produce a portfolio of appropriate artworks and suggestions for the frequency of the changes to the collection. A fixed fee is then charged on a monthly or quarterly basis for the duration of the scheme.

  • “Art Contact’s rental scheme has been a great source for some of our projects where we only require flexible short-term rentals to enhance the building.”

    Peter Jarman, Wrenbridge

  • “Art Contact are brilliant at coming up with ideas for all our projects.”

    Denise Lee, Lee Associates

  • “All work done by Art Contact was performed to a very high standard to reflect our wishes.”

    Jon Green, Vice President Business Operation, Medimmune