Art Handling & Display

The Art Handling & Display of your artwork is a critical part of the supply of any artwork. Whether it is a frame for a picture, a plinth for your sculpture, a display case for your artefacts or a lightbox for backlit display we are able to come up with imaginative solutions to fit with your décor and budget. We have our own framing workshop and an extensive network of specialist suppliers who we are able to call on if we are unable to produce the item ourselves.

It is of paramount importance that the artwork we supply is delivered to our clients in perfect condition and installed in a fully professional manner following our brief.

Art Handling & Display is so important, wherever possible, we try to deliver the work ourselves. If this is not feasible, we can arrange specialist transportation of artwork throughout the UK and overseas.
Installation can be arranged in-house or through our network of professional installers.

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  • “Art Contact took note of our brief extremely well by contributing to the overall success of our new offices.”

    Tim Raper, Speechly Bircham

  • “Art Contact has been professional, personal and creative with their selection of artwork and has been a major contribution to the atmosphere to any buildings we have constructed.”

    Peter Jarman, Wrenbridge

  • “Art Contact managed a number of individual artists to ensure the project was delivered on budget and on time in readiness for the successful opening of the building.”

    Ben Maguire, Lewisham Primary Care Trust