Art Rental & Subscription Schemes

Our Art Rental & Subscription schemes offer an inexpensive way of experimenting with different styles of work, allowing clients to gauge the impact of a new artistic style without the commitment to buy.

At Art Contact we have an extensive range of artwork available to rent, to lease or for inclusion on a subscription scheme. Whatever your budget, we can help you to source the appropriate art for a specified location.

Our short-term rental collection is suitable for a range of settings – film sets, functions, to dress vacant property or for a specific event.

Many clients are attracted to the flexibility of our long-term art rental & subscription schemes which are tax-effective and reduce pressure on cash flow. Flexible terms are available and art may be purchased later with a proportion of rent returned.

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  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-CosmicSignals-DAVA

    Client Rental – ‘Cosmic Signals No 1’ by DAVA

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Development-Square-FROS

    Client Rental – ‘Development of a Square – Blue’ by FROS

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-FirForest-MYLE

    Client Rental – ‘Fir Forrest’ by MYLE

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Floating-WILI

    Client Rental – ‘Floating’ by WILI

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-GoldenMeltdownI-HART

    Client Rental – ‘Golden Meltdown I’ by HART

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-ClientRental

    Client Rental – Framed pictures by GODW & CANN

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Jive-CREW

    Client Rental – ‘Jive’ by CREW

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Lent-KONI

    Client Rental – ‘Lent’ by KONI

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-MontradeI-IRVI

    Client Rental – ‘Montrada I by IRVI

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-NewWorld-FISH

    Client Rental – ‘New World’ by FISH

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-OldTownRed-GODW

    Client Rental – ‘Old Town Red’ by GODW

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Recollections4-MAGU

    Client Rental – ‘Recollections 4’ by MAGU

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-Trees-KALI

    Client Rental – ‘Trees’ by KALI – image printed onto Perpex

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-CuevaNegra-DAVA

    Client Rental – ‘Cueva Negra’ DAVA

  • Art-Rental-Subscription-Schemes-CapstanStudy12-GODW

    Client Rental – ‘Capstan Study 12’ by GODW

  • “Art Contact’s rental scheme has been a great source for some of our projects where we only require flexible short-term rentals to enhance the building.”

    Peter Jarman, Wrenbridge

  • “Art Contact are brilliant at coming up with ideas for all our projects.”

    Denise Lee, Lee Associates

  • “All work done by Art Contact was performed to a very high standard to reflect our wishes.”

    Jon Green, Vice President Business Operation, Medimmune