Hotel & Leisure

Art has an increasingly significant role to play in the Hotel & Leisure sector, defining and promoting the identity of an establishment or brand within the hospitality industry. Used creatively, art can become a distinguishing feature, marking out a hotel, restaurant or other leisure establishment from its competitors, and strengthening the brand within the market.

Since art is an integral part both of interior and landscape design,

the branding concept may be extended to include bespoke furnishings and other design elements such as gates, fencing, water features, seating and signage.

In addition, a simple programme of arts events, such as changing exhibitions, can create a powerful marketing tool and valuable opportunities to forge links with the local community.

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  • “Art Contact are brilliant at coming up with ideas for all our projects. Large or small, our clients always get fantastic attention to detail. And it’s fun too!”

    Denise Lee, Lee Associates

  • “Art Contact has been professional, personal and creative with their selection of artwork and has been a major contribution to the atmosphere to any buildings we have constructed.”

    Peter Jarman, Wrenbridge

  • “Art Contact skills lie in project management, art selection and client communication, all of which have helped to make the whole process of selecting the right artwork for each area with in the building an enjoyable experience.”

    Tim Raper, Partner and Head of Construction and Engineering, Speechly Bircham