Limberhurst Gallery – Sculptures at Limberhurst

Limberhurst Gallery – Sculptures at Limberhurst

In conjunction with Limberhurst Gallery a summer exhibition of interior and exterior sculptures was arranged at Limberhurst Arts Centre near Cambridge.

Works by the following 34 artists were exhibited:

Dan Archer, Patrick Barker,
Dorothy Brook, John Brown,
Dick Budden, Mat Chivers,
Alan Foxley, Mel Fraser,
Fiona Goldbacher, Lee Granjean,

Simon Hitchens, Peter Leadbeater,
Heidi Lichterman,
Pierre Diamantopoulo,
David and Dante MacIlwaine,
Malcolm Martin & Gaynor Dowling,
Bernard McGuigan, Adrian Moakes,
Nicholas Moreton, Louise Plant,
Jim Rattenbury, Kate Risdale,
Colin Rose, Teo San Jose,
Matt Sanderson, Andrea Schulewitz,
Matt Stein, Richard Thornton,
Lucy Unwin, Ronald Westerhuis,
Alan Wilson, Deon Winter,
Rachel Wood & Stephen Wright

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  • Object – To arrange a sculpture exhibition in the gallery and grounds of Limberhurst Gallery.
  • Client – Limberhurst Gallery
  • Sector – Hotel & Leisure
  • Location –  nr Cambridge
  • Status – Completed


  • Artwork Selection
  • Exhibition Layout
  • Caption and Brochure Production
  • Framing & Display
  • Art Handling
  • Transportation
  • Specialist Insurance
  • Installation