Art Purchases & Commissions

Having prepared an art strategy and assessed your requirement we can then assist you with the delivery of the plan guiding you through the selection process and assisting you with your art purchases.

Whether it is the purchase of an existing artwork or the commissioning of a site specific piece we are well practiced in the management of the whole programme from conception to completion and can guide you through the whole process.

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We will work with you to source and select the most appropriate art for your situation, location and budget. Through our extensive and constantly updated database of artists and their artworks we are well placed to guide you through the selection process. We are well used to working from plans and through the use of our purpose built database and presentation software can produce proposals customised to your requirements.
Our aim is to work with our clients in the way that suits them best and to guide them through every stage leaving them with a clear and enjoyable selection process and simple system for art purchases.
Through our experience we have developed a well proven process to purchase artworks for you. Over the years we have developed long standing relationships with many artists, their dealers and galleries enabling us to achieve the best price for your purchase.

At the same time our experience and long established reputation enables us to work directly with new and exciting, up-and-coming artists which is often required to purchase the right art for you.

Commissioning art can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a project, provided it is properly managed. We have many years of experience co-ordinating such projects and liaising between clients, designers, contractors and artists.

Art commissions often need to be planned in such a way that sites are identified, technical issues resolved and budgets secured within the framework of a building programme. It is also important to allow sufficient time for the artist to design, produce and install their work within that period.

We guide you through the process of short-listing, selecting and briefing the most appropriate artist. We then draw up a contract with the artist for the production of the work and take on the responsibility for monitoring the progress of the project to ensure that it is completed on time and on budget.

At Art Contact we have many years of experience in project managing art programmes. Working seamlessly with our clients, their architects, designers and project managers as well as our artists and installers to deliver your art programme on time and on budget.
  • “Virginia Grub has been particularly helpful in assisting our selection of appropriate artists and the commissioning of their work through to instalment”

    David Scott – Project Director, Wellcome Trust

  • “Art Contact’s skills lie in exceptional project management, art selection and client communication, all of which have helped to make the whole process of choosing suitable artwork for our office space an enjoyable and inspirational experience.”

    Keiran Ferguson, Director Facilities and Operations, Gilead Sciences

  • “Projects large or small, our clients always get fantastic attention to detail. And it’s fun too!”

    Denise Lee, Lee Associates

  • “Virginia provides Denton with a first class artwork consultancy service. She deals direct with all our clients, eliminating any added margin and advises on the strategy, sourcing and supply of all types of art. Given the diversified nature of these clients and their requirements, this is no mean feat!”

    James Lang, Denton Associates