Art Collection Management

In addition to supplying and commissioning new artwork, we enjoy working with our clients to maximise and maintain their collections for the long term through our Art Collection Management Service.

When we assess an existing collection, we usually start by auditing, cataloguing and labelling the works. This assessment often leads to the creation of an on-going maintenance programme to ensure that your collection remains at its best now and into the future. We are also able to offer guidance on the valuation, insurance, loans and the sale of artworks from your collection.

Through our Art Collection Management Service we are also able to offer a full curatorial service for the day to day management of your collection as well as guidance about conservation, lighting and environmental issues. We can also undertake any re-framing and re-hanging to ensure that the potential of the collection is fully realised.

For clients who are interested in expanding or developing their art collection, we can help with budget allocations as well as assisting with each stage of the selection process.

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With any existing collection an Audit is a good place to start. To have a record of exactly what you have, where it is and what condition it is in is fundamental to any Art Collection Management programme. Following a physical examination written notes and photos can then be entered into an existing database or we can provide a suitable format to keep and view these records. Depending on the information required we can tailor the scope of the audit to suit your needs. In addition to the basic information we can easily add information about values, insurance, maintenance etc…etc.
Following on from the Audit of your collection we can provide a full catalogue with information collected during the Audit. A basic catalogue would usually contain details about the artwork, photographs and a condition report. This basic information can be augmented with a variety of information depending on your needs but might include art historical information, market information, values, information about the artists etc….etc
Following on from an Audit a valuation of your art collection may be required. We are able to carry out this work by drawing on both our own knowledge and also information from 3rd parties. For specialist information we are able to call upon the main auction houses if required.
We are pleased to assist with the day to day management of your displayed collection. Be it through occasional visits to check condition and suitability of the display or by planning periodic refreshment by planned rotation between sites or in and out of storage. We are also sometimes able to augment your collection through temporary loans or exchange.
Your art collection is a valuable tool for engagement with the local community, colleagues and clients. We are experienced in arranging exhibitions for colleagues and clients as well as liaising with your local arts community and local schools to meet your goals and added Corporate Social Responsibility benefits.
Getting the most from your collection is often enhanced by effective communication. It may simply be the production of a catalogue for internal or external circulation or arranging exhibitions for colleagues and visitors to enjoy with simple leaflets explaining the exhibition or it could be by arranging artist talks about their work. These can be useful tools for PR and internal communication.
It may at times be decided to dispose of artworks. We have considerable experience in disposing of artworks either through the main auction houses or through other dealers and are well used to negotiation favourable commission rates. On occasion we are able to take work back on consignment for re-sale or arrange private sales to colleagues, staff or other associates.
As with any other assets it may be necessary to insure your collection. Whether it is to insure your entire collection against all risks or to insure specific items against specific risks we can assist you to ensure that the right cover is in place to protect your artworks.
As your collection grows it may become advantageous to loan or temporarily exchange artworks. This may be to assist others with exhibitions or to augment your collection by temporary exchanges. When artworks are loaned or exchanged we can arrange suitable written agreements for the loan, a detailed condition report prior to the work being loaned and then again when it is returned to ensure that any wear or damage is recorded and resolved.
  • “Art Contact has over the last 8 years consistently provided stunning artwork for our UK offices, contributing to the overall success of our office refurbishments.”

    Keiran Ferguson, Director, Facilities and Operations, Gilead Sciences

  • “The PCT and its partners have been hugely impressed by Art Contact’s abilities to deliver art projects in the health sector and would recommend them to any public sector bodies looking for a great value and hugely knowledgeable art consultancy service.”

    Ben Maguire, Lewisham Primary Care Trust

  • “All work done by Art Contact was performed to a very high standard to reflect our wishes. The end result is a major contribution to the atmosphere of the new building, resulting in an extremely pleasant working environment in which Art Contact have played an important part.”

    Jon Green, Vice President Business Operation, Medimmune

  • “Virginia has restored and valued existing portfolios and delivered some really innovative and creative ideas in all nature of products, to suit the modern and contemporary workplace, as well as within listed buildings.
    She is a true expert and makes it a thoroughly enjoyable process.”

    James Lang, Denton Associates