Art Handling & Display

The Art Handling & Display of your artwork is a critical part of the supply of any artwork. Whether it is a frame for a picture, a plinth for your sculpture, a display case for your artefacts or a lightbox for backlit display we are able to come up with imaginative solutions to fit with your décor and budget. We have our own framing workshop and an extensive network of specialist suppliers who we are able to call on if we are unable to produce the item ourselves.

It is of paramount importance that the artwork we supply is delivered to our clients in perfect condition and installed in a fully professional manner following our brief.

Art Handling & Display is so important, wherever possible, we try to deliver the work ourselves. If this is not feasible, we can arrange specialist transportation of artwork throughout the UK and overseas.
Installation can be arranged in-house or through our network of professional installers.

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All our picture framing is carried out in-house in the Art Contact framing workshop using materials selected from an extensive range of ready-made mouldings or we can commission special mouldings if required. These may be a special shape of they could be hand gilded to give the look that is required.

We design our frames within a specified budget to enhance the art and to complement the interior where the pictures will be hung. Our workshop is capable of undertaking the most demanding work, handling large runs and meeting deadlines which would daunt other framers while still maintaining meticulous quality control.

We also supply other displays from acrylic covers and plinths to more complicated display cabinets and hanging systems.

Art Handling & Display is so important to ensure that the artwork you have purchased arrives with you in perfect condition. We have a team of experienced art handlers dedicated to ensuring that your art reaches you in the best possible condition.
Sometimes to ensure that the artwork reaches you in the best condition it is necessary to have specialist packing cases built. We have a team of specialist art packers who can build cases to meet the most demanding specifications.
To ensure that your artwork is delivered in the best possible condition we would normally use our own delivery service but for larger items or for longer journeys we have a network of specialist art carriers to transport artworks nationally or internationally as required.
When artwork is removed from your premises specialist insurance may be required both while in transit and also while in the care of others. It is usually best if this insurance is in the name of the owner of the artwork to avoid complications if a claim is required. Through our insurers we can arrange suitable insurance or work with you to make the necessary arrangement with your insurers.
Our team of installers have considerable experience in the installation of a very wide range of artworks from simple pictures to more complex sculpture and wall panels. They are well used to using a wide range of security fixings as well as more traditional hanging systems.
For the more demanding installations we can call on specialists if required and are used to ensuring that any specialist equipment is planned in advance.
The environment that the artworks are kept in is also very important to ensure that the artworks are kept at their best for as long as possible. Attention should be paid to the temperature, the relative humidity and the lighting. Over the years we have developed extensive links with specialists and are well placed to guide you through the process to ensure that your artworks are kept in the best possible environment.
Another factor in achieving the best possible display of your artworks is the way in which the artwork is lit. We have extensive knowledge of the lighting systems available and for more complex projects have links with specialist lighting engineers.
  • “Art Contact took note of our brief extremely well by contributing to the overall success of our new offices.”

    Tim Raper, Speechly Bircham

  • “Art Contact has been professional, personal and creative with their selection of artwork and has been a major contribution to the atmosphere to any buildings we have constructed.”

    Peter Jarman, Wrenbridge

  • “Art Contact managed a number of individual artists to ensure the project was delivered on budget and on time in readiness for the successful opening of the building.”

    Ben Maguire, Lewisham Primary Care Trust