Art Exhibition Services

We have been asked many times to assist with the planning and organisation of art exhibitions be they simple exhibitions of paintings through to arranging sculpture exhibitions in the landscape. Sometimes these are in-house exhibitions for colleagues and friends and at other times these are public exhibitions with a Community or PR objective.

Through our Art Exhibition Services we are well placed to source appropriate artwork through our network of artists and can assist with the layout of the art exhibition.

Our Art Exhibition Services can assist with every stage of your exhibition programme and are able to source any specialist equipment that may be required from stand-alone exhibition panels to heavy lifting gear for the installation of sculptures.
We can assist with the installation of the artworks and the running of the exhibition as well as the production of brochures and captions and any advertising that may be required.

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Once we have established a brief for the exhibition covering the type and number of artworks required and a budget for the project we would present a portfolio of artworks selected from our network of artist that may be included. At the appropriate time we would check for availability and any special requirements for each piece and any costs involved.
Once suitable artworks have been selected we would establish a plan to make the necessary arrangements to host the exhibition.
In conjunction with the selection of the artworks we would establish a detailed layout for the artworks whether they are in the landscape, on temporary exhibition panels or on your walls. Detailed planning at this time saves considerably when it comes to installation and ensures that the right equipment is available for the work to be carried out.
To create the best impact from you exhibition it is often appropriate to supply some details about the aims of the exhibition and the artworks being exhibited. This can be from a small brochure to a fully bound brochure depending on the scope of the exhibition. Particularly for exhibitions in the landscape it may be necessary to produce a plan showing the locations of the artworks and suggestions for routes to view the artworks.
We have built up a team of professionals from copy writers to graphic designers and printers who are well able to satisfy the most demanding brief.
  • “Art Contact have created the most fantastic sculpture exhibition for us. We wanted to create an event to celebrate the opening of our office development. The event was a great success and the exhibition went on all summer.”

    Lucy Burnett, Limberhurst

  • “We wanted to put on a photography exhibition. Art Contact took care of everything from finding the artists to arranging the catalogue making the whole project a very pleasurable experience.”

    Amy, Private Client, Cambridgeshire

  • “Fantastic show, a very diverse range of sculptures which perfectly complimented the exquisite gardens at the hotel”

    Private Client, a guest at The Grove Hotel