Art Conservation & Restoration

Just like any other asset, works of art need to be looked after and, from time to time, may require some form of maintenance. Art Contact is well used to assisting our clients in managing the Art Conservation & Restoration of the artworks in their collection.

At Art Contact we are associated with some of the most skilled and experienced restorers of paintings, paper, frames and sculptures in the country,

which enables us to ensure that your artwork is properly and appropriately maintained.

We are also able to advise you about valuation, cataloguing, lighting, re-hanging and re-framing of collections.

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  • Damage-detail-MR

    Damage to Oil Painting – Scratches on surface

  • Damage-detail2-MR

    Damage to Oil Painting – More Scratches

  • AfterRestoration-MR

    Oil Painting – After treatment of Scratches

  • Stretcher-Lining-MR

    Stretcher Lining to reduce bruising by stretcher bars.

  • Anigoni-Before+AfterSurfaceClean

    Before and After Surface Cleaning.

  • Holland-AfterRepair-FlakingPaint

    After repairs to flaking paint.

  • PageantScroll-AfterTreatment

    Scroll installed in new cabinet.

  • PageantScrollInstalled

    Scroll Installed in new cabinet following conservation.

  • Hole-drilled-through-painting

    Accidents Happen – Hole drilled through a wall and through the painting.

  • Protective-Perspex-Covers

    Paintings restored and protected against future damage by Perspex covers.

  • After-restoration-flaking-paint

    After treatment of flaking paint.

From time to time artworks require attention to ensure that they continue to be seen at their best. Our extensive network of qualified conservators are able to work on most mediums to ensure you artworks are kept in the best condition now and in the future.
Accidents happen and sometimes artworks have not been looked after as well as they might have been. Our team has extensive experience in helping you to find the right restorer to repair your artwork so that it can be viewed as the artist intended.
As with the picture, the frame too needs attention from time to time and we are able to assist with this through our Art Conservation & Restoration service. Whether it is a simple cleaning or a more extensive repair we can assist you to find the right solution. As well as restoring frames we are able to make suggestions to ensure that artworks are framed to modern conservation standards to keep the work at its best for as long as possible. Simple alterations to the framing can significantly improve the life of an artwork.
At times clients want to lend artworks to exhibitions or exchange artworks with other collections. So that problems do not arise later it is very important that a condition report is obtained before the artwork leaves and again as soon as it returns to assess if it has been damaged in anyway. If it has been damaged then appropriate remedial actions can be taken to make any necessary repairs.

Without the condition report is very difficult to establish where the problem occurred and who was responsible for it.

The environment that the artworks are kept in is also very important to ensure that the artworks are kept at their best for as long as possible. Attention should be paid to the temperature, the relative humidity and the lighting. Over the years we have developed extensive links with specialists and are well placed to guide you through the process to ensure that your artworks are kept in the best possible environment.
Another factor in achieving the best possible display of your artworks is the way in which the artwork is lit. We have extensive knowledge of the lighting systems available and for more complex projects have links with specialist lighting engineers.
At times it is necessary to carry out research into an artwork, this may be to establish authenticity or to confirm provenance or it may be simply to understand the artwork better. We have a number of sources of information and if more specialist information is required we have a number of art historians and other specialist we can call on when required.
  • “When disaster struck and our new very expensive picture had been sat on in the back of our car Art Contact came to our rescue and were able to arrange for the invisible repair of the picture and then to ship the picture to our home in Spain”

    Luke, Private Client, Spain

  • “Art Contact have assisted us for many years with the management and conservation of the Open University Art Collection. From simple cleaning and re-framing to major restoration Art Contact has the team to tackle even the most complex projects.”

    Karen Bradbury, Estates Manager Open University

  • “We had lent a painting to be included in an exhibition that travelled all over Europe. When the gallery returned the painting it was damaged. Art Contact resolved the whole issue from dealing with the gallery to arranging the restoration and we were very grateful for their assistance.”

    Mark, Private Client, Hull