Tiger Developments

Tiger Developments

Tiger Developments invited Art Contact to source art work for a reception which housed multi-purpose client base for a corporate building in the centre of London. When proposing work for the space, the curvature of wall encouraged innovative design which culminated in a linear collection, positioned under existing spotlights.

The collection, a series of studies, built up with sand and other natural materials provided a textural contrast to the white interior and crisp downward lighting.

From afar, the single red image appears to fragment and disrupt the order of the blue and white studies, creating a composition that had a sense of assertion within is surroundings. Upon closer inspection however, each constructed artwork, variegated with the warm, natural tones of sand and stone allowed the light to dance across it to create micro landscapes.

The wonderful concept of manoeuvring an organic material into geometric shapes, gracefully reminds us of the careful balance between the natural and the man made. These images were very well received within the building.


  • Object – Source, select and commission artworks for the reception area.
  • Client – Tiger Developments
  • Sector – Corporate
  • Location – London
  • Status – Completed


  • Consultation
  • Art Selection
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Art Handling
  • Transportation
  • Installation