Private Client: Sumo’s

Private Client: Sumo’s

Sale of Sculptures by Pierre Diamantopoulo to a Private Residence

In preparation for ‘Chiri-chozu,’ the Sumo has been captured in a snapshot moment before his hands collide to initiate the fight. In this moment, the braiding on his ‘Mawashi’ are flung into the air as he squats into position, and his expression captures a calm and steady composure before the fight begins.

Once ‘Shiko’ has taken place, the fight can begin. Captured in bronze the opposing Sumo is in a position of balance and strength. The sculptor masterfully bends the rules of physics and gives a playful nod to gravity, as the Sumo’s body weight is thrown across to the side. The attention to muscular detail both on and below the surface of the sculpture demonstrate the sculptor’s masterful grasp of his medium.


  • Object – Sale of sculptures from one of our exhibitions
  • Client – Private Client
  • Sector – Residential
  • Location – London
  • Status – Completed


  • Artwork Selection
  • Exhibition Layout
  • Caption and Brochure Production
  • Art Packing
  • Art Handling
  • Transportation
  • Installation