Portland Hospital – Reception and Children’s Reception

Portland Hospital – Reception and Children’s Reception

The Portland Hospital wanted to create a welcoming and bright atmosphere in the primary areas of the hospital using artworks that were created through photo-montage technique. The artworks, designed by one of our artists, were digitised montages of photographs taken by the artist of landmarks around Great Portland Street and Regents Park which were then mounted onto glass or perspex panels.

The hospital wanted to reflect their service as specialists in Obstrecics, Women’s health and Paediactrics by employing the theme of mother and child through the artworks used throughout the hospital. In the children’s areas a bright and fun colour palette was chosen to complement the interior design while the images were taken from children playing in Regents Park.


  • Object – Source, select and commission artworks for the receptions
  • Client – HCA, Portland Hospital
  • Sector – Healthcare
  • Location – Great Portland Street, London
  • Status – Completed


  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Art Selection
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Art Handling
  • Transportation
  • Installation