Nottingham City Hospital – Diagnostic Centre

Nottingham City Hospital – Diagnostic Centre

There were some very unsightly windows looking out into a brick light well. This was very unsightly when viewed from within the unit. Our brief was to brighten this up while still allowing light to pass through. This was acieved by installing images where the glazing was within the window to create the illusion that the view outside was of trees.


Acrylic window installation commissioned by Nottingham City Hospital (NCH) for the Diagnostic Unit.

Digital photography by Gudawer Kalirai sandwiched between 2 sheets of 5mm clear UV-resistant acrylic, installed with angle brackets within the glazing bars of the bay. Commissioned on behalf of the NCH by Art Contact.

Overall dimensions @ 4.5m x 2m


  • Object – Source, select and commission artwork to resolve window issue in Diagnostic Unit.
  • Client – Nottingham City Hospital
  • Sector – Healthcare
  • Location – Nottingham
  • Status – Completed


  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Community Arts
  • Art Selection
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Art Handling
  • Transportation
  • Installation