Keltbray Group Holdings

Keltbray Group Holdings

Brendan Kerr of Keltbray chose artworks which reflected the vibrancy and contemporary design of the head offices in Surrey. Some key pieces were chosen to represent the company’s prominent activity in the construction sector. This was loosely interpreted through artworks which employ building materials such as glass, stone and steel as their medium and construction ideas such as balance and illusion as their concept.

Art Contact commissioned a digitally manipulated image of photographs of London architecture which the artist then encased in a painted aluminium box frame with a dichoric glass opening.

When one walks past the artwork the light, which is refracted by the dichoric glass panels, presents an array of colours onto the image behind.



  • Object – Source, supply and commission of Office artworks
  • Client – Keltbray Group Holdings
  • Sector – Corporate
  • Location – Surrey
  • Status – Completed


  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Art Selection
  • Procurement
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Framing & Display
  • Art Handling
  • Transportation
  • Installation