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Public Art at Kings Cross Central - Urbanest

The redevelopment of the former King’s Cross Goods Yard, now known as King’s Cross Central, owes much of its appeal to the proud industrial heritage which formed it. This graphic sculpture visually references the heavy engineering used in the area’s industrial past, its form suggestive of two large and redundant cogged wheels. The granite element symbolises the robust building materials used in the old Goods Yards, where commodities were moved about by rail and cart. The more technologically challenging blue resin element hints both at the Regents Canal and the, important part it played in the transport of goods, but also the aspirational, state of the art future being built at King’s Cross Central. 
The simple graphic form of the sculpture can be seen as a stylised letter X, but also articulates the unity between two separate yet co-dependant bodies: a balance of essential opposites and a celebration of progress across the generations.

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